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In England and Wales Notaries are largely concerned with the verification of documents and information that will be used in other countries, or for clients who have business or properties overseas, or who are involved in litigation in foreign Courts.

If your document is for use in England or Wales you need only use our services as Commissioner for Oaths. Notaries form an independent branch of the legal profession, although

most are solicitors. Their practice as Notaries is quite separate from their practice of any other profession or business, and is not controlled by the rules affecting solicitors. While Notaries have the powers of a Commissioner for Oaths (and most of them are also solicitors) the work they do is mainly concerned with foreign matters and their procedures are entirely different.

If required our Notary will attend your company offices where the document can be completed on the spot. We can also arrange same day apostillisation if required. We liaise with you beforehand to ensure we have everything we need, so that your company officers don’t have to wait around while the document is prepared.

Dixon Rigby Keogh have close links with a Notary Public and can assist in managing appointments in the Northwich area.


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